Events at GMUMC

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Due to Covid-19 restrictions, we are currently hosting all events online


Herd Sanity: A Lenten Book Study

 Looking for a group to discuss crucial events that are applicable today? Join this group at 9am on Sunday mornings. Currently discussing racial justice using the books, I'm Black. I'm Christian. I'm Methodist. by Rev Rudy Rasmus, ed. and Long Time Coming by Michael Eric Dyson.

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Tuesday Morning Bible Study

This group is currently on hiatus, and we hope to resume soon!  Check back for updates! 

Sunday Morning Meditation

Pastor Mark hosts Sunday morning contemplative worship, which begins with a short guided meditation, followed by scripture reading, opportunity for group discussion, and sharing of concerns and celebrations. No sermon or hymns, and quite different than our traditional worship.  Click here to join at 8am on Sundays. 

Hilltoppers Class

When gathering in person, the Hilltoppers Class meets on Sunday mornings in Room 404. This class follows the United Methodist Bible Study curriculum.

All are welcome.


At this time the Hilltoppers are meeting virtually under the leadership of Bruce Bane at 9:00am.

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