Our Journey Together

Program Note:  Obviously, these are not "normal" times we live in (not that there ever is a one-size-fits-all "normal").  Covid-19 has altered the way we look at the world and the way we build and maintain community.  Educational, social, and service opportunities have been shifted to meet the safety needs in the age of physical distancing & masks.  Please know that all efforts -- present and future -- will always make the well-being of those who participate, and the greater community, the highest priority.  But as true today as in the past -- we welcome you -- a mask and a distance of several feet will never alter that truth.  Be well!!!

The philosophy behind adult program explorations...

Faith is a journey with many names.  Some religious, some not.  We all seek meaning and purpose in this life.  The ageless questions -- "why are we here" and "how best to meet each day" -- can pull us in many directions.  It can be a lonely endeavor, bouncing from the various roles we play in a world that often does not support our asking "big" questions.  This faith community offers a safe place to share your journey with others who are also pondering this mystery of life -- the journey of being human.  We are not here to think alike, we are here to think, act, and care together.  We learn from each other.  And it's in the questions we ask -- not the answers (if any) -- that we build our deepest relationships.  



The Unhidden Agenda...


Build Community.    Dismantle walls.    Listen & Learn.    No donuts.

Thinking With Others...


Faith...In Each Other

Now part of our Virtual Coffee Hour (via Zoom)


Sunday, 10:00 a.m.


Want to turn down the noise...and turn up the real conversation? 

Explore issues, events, and the mystery of being Human. 

Perspectives welcome, ideologies not so much.  Humor required.

Society for The Advancement of The Human Attention Span

A Gathering of The Biblio-Addicted (Nerdy to Free Spirits welcome...)

Joining the action discussion below...

The Faith to Be Human...Church & Community Action Group

Starting Sunday, July 12th -- 9:45 - 10:45 via Zoom

Discussing White Fragility: Why It's So Hard for White People to Talk About Racism

by Robin DiAngelo & other guests via video

Life presents us with challenges on many levels -- the personal, the communal, and the cultural.  How best to respond given our diverse experiences and world views?  Sharing our individual perspectives in a supportive gathering, let's listen and learn from each other as we explore the issues of our lives and times.   Disussion is not an exercise in agreement, but in building realtionships that lead to trust -- and meaningful action.  All welcome.  

Caring  With Others...

Shared Journey

Please call to check on group's meeting status in the time of covid-19


SJ is an ever evolving, supportive community for those sharing the daily challenges of facing a dementia diagnosis -- as caregivers, families, and caring friends.  These gatherings offer emotional support and an opportunity to explore community resources for assistance.

Church of The Apocalyptic Optimists


Investing in people and ideas across the globe, via the Kiva microloan.  Currently we have funded over 1200 loans for a total over $33,000. 

NarSarah Clinic -- Sierra Leone


Our Adult Program Coffee Jar supports the excellent work of this organization, serving a community where

health care needs are great and resources in short supply.  Currently over $4,000 donated.

Playing With Others...


Food Halls & Faith


Currently looking forward to the day we can revisit our small business friends & fellowship over diverse meal options in these wonderful venues.


One of the better community-driven trends in our market-based culture is the contemporary "food hall." 

Take an old building (abandoned store or warehouse), add food & retail niches run by local creative souls, toss in open seating

and you have a social, bread-breaking space where conversations begin and relationships form.

Cultural Escapes


Art, lectures, natural history, gardens -- all the joys of Metro Denver culture -- it will resume & we will be ready...