Reflections & Program Notes

For further details & any questions on the Program’s below,
please give me a call or send me an email:
Steve Walden
303-989-3727 (x203)

The point of a faith community is not to think alike,
but to think together.

Please Note:  Due to COVID-19 precautions, all in-person programs noted below are “paused” until further notice…but several are using “Zoom” — see below. 
Please follow medical and governmental advice,
take proper caution, and be well!!!  ________________________________________________

Faith…in Each Other

Sunday’s, 9:00 a.m., Room #403

Want to turn down the noise…and turn up the real conversation?

Currently gathering via Zoom in a Virtual Coffee & Connect…contact me for details!

The #403 coffee jar $ benefits the SEED/NarSarah Clinic in Sierra Leone = $4,001
& Two bags of food delivered to Red Rocks Community College Student Food Bank


Food Halls & Fellowship

Update: Paused until further notice…

One of the better community-driven trends in our market-based culture is the contemporary “food hall.”  Take an old building (abandoned store or warehouse), add food & retail niches run by local creative souls, toss in open seating and you have a social, bread-breaking, space where conversations begin and relationships form.

Please register your interest via me or the Program Table.
Presented by The Center for Contemplative Anarchy.



Society for the Advancement
of the Human Attention Span

Sunday, June 7th; 11:35 a.m. – Fireside Room

Pondering whatever you’ve been reading to keep your
world in mental order in these challenging times.

In-person gatherings paused; using “Zoom” until further notice…
keep reading for sanity!!!

For those interested in this evolving book group…please see me.


 The Shared Journey

 All are welcome!
Please consider joining the SJ Support Group for their next meeting:

Meetings paused until further notice…

SJ is an ever-evolving, supportive, community for those that share the daily challenges of facing the diagnosis of dementia – as caregivers, families, and caring friends. All welcome!


Church of The Apocalyptic Optimists

An ongoing effort to invest in people and ideas, via an organization called Kiva and the tool of the micro-loan. We currently have 27 members from all faith backgrounds. For information on this playfully-named, nobly-aimed concept please see me.

As of May 5th:
Loan #: 1,211
Total: $32,875




Sunday mornings at 9:00 a.m.

This class uses a traditional, thought-provoking,
Sunday School curriculum to discuss faith and life.

In-person meetings paused until further notice…but using “Zoom” to connect.


Tuesday Morning Bible Study

Currently connecting via “Zoom”…
Tuesday mornings at 10:30 a.m.

A low-stress Bible Study class, with no homework required.  This group reads scripture together, and discusses the passages openly.  The group shares the rich resources of study Bible notes, and personal experience.  Does not meet in the Summer.  Will resume in the Fall.  Led by the Minister.


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