Reflections & Program Notes

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The point of a faith community is not to think alike,
but to think together.


An Idea Without a Name…yet…

The group for those that don’t join church groups…

Does your world view not fit easily into a “faith tradition”?  Does your body resist parallel parking in a pew?  Is the most comforting sign you’ve seen in a church say, “Emergency Exit”?   Is the only “spiritual label” that speaks to your heart & mind, “none-of-the-above”?  You’re not alone — in fact, you may be part of the fastest growing “tradition-less tradition” of the current age.

What exactly is “this”— honestly, we’re figuring that out — together — but it’s not a “church idea,” a clever ruse…it’s no evangelical Trojan Horse.  It’s also not anti-faith, or anti-anything that has the power to make our lives, or our world, a better place.  But we are pro-curiosity, creativity, learning, humor, asking big questions, living without firm answers, and otherwise exploring what it means to be a decent human being.

A life of purpose and meaning does not require a church membership.  Period.  But a community can make our life journey a bit gentler along the blue-sky vistas and mud-filled pot holes.  If you’re looking for fellow travelers, feel free to learn more about an evolving idea without a label.

For information, please see Steve Walden



 Removing Walls…

A Continuing Opportunity to Greet Our Neighbors

Abrahamic Initiative & Interfaith Alliance of Colorado:
Communities in Conversation

For five Tuesday evenings from January through May, the Abrahamic Initiative & Interfaith Alliance of Colorado will host gatherings in the faith homes of various traditions.  These are excellent opportunities to break down the walls religion can build, to allow room for a trusting, relational faith to grow.  RSVP will be required for each month’s gathering.  Interested?  The first community conversation is on January 23rd, 7:00-8:30 p.m.  Location TBA.

Please see Steve Walden for details of Green Mountain’s participation.




Sunday, 9:00 a.m., Room #403

Pondering issues — and planning actions — through the lens of personal faith.
Diverse perspectives welcome; ideologies and agendas not so much.

 Caffeine coffee jar benefits the SEED/NarSarah Clinic in Sierra Leone to date = $1430.



Do you remember books???

They’re actually still around.  There are longer works than social media and twitter feeds.  A Facebook “page” isn’t really a page — pages are in books.  They can be touched and even turned.  Pretty cool.  I miss books — and being around people who read & think.  Thinking is still around too.  If you miss reading for fun, to learn, to live beyond the borders of your own mind — then PLEASE see me.  I want to start a book group.  The Fireside Room could be nice — I’d bring in a few floor lamps (I have them) to avoid the harsh florescent tubes, start the fire, and make coffee — scones maybe — one day get some real non-institutional furniture.  You get the idea.  Books.  Face-to-face conversation.  A commitment to brain expansion, fellowship, and making the world a less-screen-driven, distracted, dystopia. You can improve your mind and save the world!  If you were able to read this paragraph without checking your phone, there may still be hope!  See me before it’s too late!

Steve Walden



 Bible Exploration…for the Biblically Perplexed & Cautiously Curious

 Sunday, January 14th — 11:45 a.m.; Room #403

This month:  What makes the Gospel’s gospel?

 Many people have an uneasy relationship with the Bible.  The Text is like that aging Uncle you see only at the holidays — you respect him, love him because he’s family, admire much of what he says — yet — he is a bit eccentric, can be prickly on occasions, and is prone to long-winded exhortations no one’s quite sure how to take.  He’s comfort and curmudgeon, sage and scold, all in one tightly bound package.  This is a group for those who want to be on more confident terms with that Uncle.

Meeting monthly.  Interested?  Want to learn more?  See me.



 The Shared Journey

…an evolving, supportive community for those that share
the daily challenges of facing the diagnosis of dementia –
as individuals, families, and caring friends.

 All are welcome!
Please consider joining the S
J Support Group for their next meeting:

Tuesday, January 16th, 9:00 a.m.; Room #403


Project Cure Work Team


Local Service, Global Impact

Next Opportunity: Tuesday, January 9th, 1 to 3 p.m.

Anyone interested in this service project, sorting and preparing medical supplies for shipment to areas of great need, please see me. You’ll also be joining an efficient, excellent, and entertaining crew from Green Mountain — no medical knowledge needed, we work as a team — curiosity and humor are required.


The Senior Wii Bowling Association

You have nothing to lose but your dignity.

Light lunch, then virtual pins tremble.  To RSVP see me.
January 30th, #403 Lanes



Church of The Apocalyptic Optimists

An ongoing effort to invest in people and ideas, via an organization called Kiva and the tool of the micro-loan. We currently have 27 members from all faith backgrounds. For information on this playfully-named, nobly-aimed concept please see me.

As of December 22nd:
Loan #: 939
Total: $25,150


                   THE CURE BIN


Medical supplies…
(please, NO drugs, NO items requiring electrical power, and nothing already used)

These materials are gathered in the orange bin located on our upper level landing,
then delivered to Project Cure monthly.

Your consideration of this on-going mission is appreciated.


Popcorn Gospel Film Club (Membership required)

Pilgrimages to Theaters to discover the meanings behind the medium of film…
and mostly to just have fun…

Every movie has a message — but we’ve all seen a few we’re still trying to figure out, or forget. In this monthly Sunday afternoon adventure, we’ll ponder the meaning together over a cup of designer coffee, refined tea, or cultured scone. Interested in a highly coveted Popcorn Gospel Film Club membership? See me, toss me an email, or otherwise make contact to express your curiosity. Then you’re in. You’ll get an email a week (at least) in advance of our next outing with movie, time, and location. Cost? Your film ticket, any snacks, and your movie perspective.


 Of Judicial Councils & Well-Lit Exit Signs…

The “declaration” by the larger Churchly Powers regarding the “legality” of the appointment of Bishop Karen Oliveto was painful, awkward, and a bit confusing.  There is much pastoral footwear yet to fall, but it’s important to remind ourselves that “decisions-from-on-high” have reverberations for those of us working on the planet’s surface.  The morning after the Wesleyan smoke cleared the chimney, a gentle soul (who has been a past help to me on room #403 needs) came quietly — but emotionally — to tell me he could no longer be connected to the United Methodist Church due to its “hypocrisy.”  He fully recognized that we were “not that kind” of church, and yet we are undeniably a Methodist church — and the association of faith with that label was no longer tolerable to his mind.

I fully understand the point.

 We can ponder church growth, new styles of worship, and high-tech outreach, but if our “brand” lacks the integrity suggested by its slogan (Open Hearts, Open Minds, Open Doors), the effort is futile.  The soul who sadly left our church that Sunday was no hell-raising, banner carrying radical — he was a quiet, giving, hard-working family man who simply wanted to worship God and serve others.

He is a Good Christian…
and now a former Methodist.